Lost and found

Disclaimer: this is not at all about my English and the mistakes I make but about how I feel and how my reality looks like.

Lost and found. I feel like the lost and found box. Or simply like the prodigal daughter. I have been feeling like I lost the path for some time but now it seems that I see bits and pieces of it once again.

I hate how that strange emptiness feeling takes over my heart from time to time just as much as I hate missing. Things. People. Times. Memories.

At times I wonder if there will be any change anytime soon.

I have a full heart, few dreams come true, huge blessings and unexpected but some strings still keep me captive. I feel lost, how can I be found?

It is rhetorical, do not bother as I already know the answer. I know exactly what has the shape of my empty heart and what can fill it in, at times in less than a second.

I just have to take the right path again. And find the strength to verbalize the need, the hope, the plan. Then stick to it.

With hidden smiles.


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