De la capat

Bun…ne-am decis…viata ia curba unori si noi o putem lua dupa ea sau ne putem chinui sa o aduce pe fagasul anormal.

N-as da diminetile din deal, cu miros de ploaie si padure uda pentru toata forfota metropolelor…ever (sper sa nu ma oblige vreo curba a vietii sa o fac).

Stii cum arata valea dumineata, in revarsatul zorilor cand se ridica ceata? Eu cred ca asa:


All of my life is a gift, that I can give You.
All of my life now is Yours, whole and complete.
All of my hopes and my plans, carefully lay in Your Hands.
This is my pledge, cause You mean that much to me.

Right or wrong, the past is gone
The pain was strong, the road was long
But now I’m on a whole new avenue.
Bow I see new hope for me
A picture of eternity,
Going where I’ve never been
A brand new chance to start again.

(Carman – My pledge)

Aici e capatul, capatul bun, de data asta.


Un zambet 🙂