Am inghetat

De nu as intelege mai bine ce e cu fenomenele naturii as crede ca e din cauza celor 2 grade de afara. As ignora cizmele imblanite si cele 23 de grade din interior si-as zice ca am picioarele reci.

De prea mult timp nu m-am mai simtit atat de lipsita de plan si chiar mai mult, fara plan de rezerva si parasuta suplimentara. Nu prea par a fi eu, oare unde am plecat si cata incredere mi-am „cumparat” de fapt? Unde-i capatul increderii?

Mi-au inghetat picioarele si cu aceasta ocazie ascult de 3 ore aceeasi melodie (da, Di, am crezut ca n-a mai auzit-o nimeni, niciodata, dar ca brusc si din neant Youtube a crezut ca mi-ar placea si-a deschis-o random).

Mi-au inghetat picioarele si mana pe capatul de ata. N-am plan, n-am planuri. Acum ce ma fac? De aici…incotro?


I only wish I had the strength to let it show
I tell myself that I can’t hold out forever
I said there is no reason for my fear


You gave me … a song

Disclaimer: just another post in which grammar and spelling are not that important. If it messes you up, you better stop reading now.

This is about you and while I am thinking how should I put my thoughts into words and then make them speak for me, I hear a song in the back of my mind. Let me walk you through it, I would say „close your eyes” but then I am not there to read you this:

Close your eyes let me tell you all the reasons why I think you’re one of a kind.

Here’s to you the one that always pulls us through, always do what you got to do

You’re one of a kind, thank God you’re mine.

You really are one of a kind: you do know all of me, you have seen my failures, we have celebrated success, you understood how you get to make my tears go away and you sure make me laugh with all my heart, not only put the smile on my face.

To be frank with you…I do not think we have a fair share of who pulls who through since, like always, you sure have more than 51% of the merits in this case. If we made it so far it has been mostly because of you, because of how you dealt with anger, frustration, happiness, challenges and at times, a lot of insecurities. Your turned up to exceed all my expectations. Yes, consider this a 5 PMP and know that no one can take this rating away.

Is it to much to say again that you ALWAYS know how to put everything in place? This amazes me every day and somehow you seem to find new energy to actually pick up all pieces and just once more, to glue them together. You are one of a kind a in all the ways you can think of (and accept :)) )…you are mine, just as much as I am yours. Thank God.

You’re an angel dressed in armor, you’re the fair in every fight

You’re my life and my safe harbor, where the sun sets every night

And if my love is blind, I don’t want to see the light

Now, about the angel part…you know, this is how the song goes, we both know that at times you are anything but an angel but then again that is why we are a match made in…heaven (blink, blink). However, when it comes about fair in our fights, I must say that you are the fair, mark these words ‘cause they do not come easy and most probably I will not talk about this for a while. I do not know if you are a harbor but you sure have been my lighthouse and trust me, this is a compliment. Reminder: when you will go to the seaside without me (not soon, I am afraid), a magnet with a lighthouse is on top of the shopping list.

No, my love is not usually blind, it is something that I take full ownership for, I know exactly what your weaknesses are and I have measured so many times your strengths and despite all that, here we are: you are still one of a kind and I do see the light as I am not at all blind. No, we are not in blind, there might be still a lot to discover but guess what? We have so much time left.

It’s your beauty that betrays you, your smile gives you away.

Cause you’re made of strength and mercy and my soul is yours to save

I know this much is true when my world was dark and blue

I know the only one who rescued me was you

Remember when I told you that the beauty of a man stands in the kindness of his heart? Well…you are so much more that just kind. Not to mention the smile, it fits best with my favorite shirt and with a soft touch of perfume. It feels good though to know that even when outside beauty will fade away, the one you are so carefully growing inside will still be there.

I have no doubts that you are made of strength, how else would you hold my hand when I am just again about to fall on my face (yes, in some tall, fresh snow) but also in despair? 🙂 With my soul it is just a bit more complicated as you already know, it is a stubborn one, it does not go to someone, not even when pushed but this much I know: you saved it exactly when my world was dark. Credit for all the smiles and the shine? 100% yours.

When your love pours down on me I know I’m finally free

So I tell you gratefully, every single beat in my heart is yours to keep

Let’s not call it love, we can call it care as in the end, my freedom is still there, I get to be exactly who I am, with all my awesomeness and all disappointments, with all truth said and all the „stocking”, with my entire care and just as much loyalty. Yes, for all of the above, I am grateful.

You’re the reason why I’m breathing with a little look my way

You’re the reason that I’m feeling it’s finally safe to stay!  

It is quite an accomplishment when I manage to breath and you know this better than anyone else, what for some others is just another „sip” of fresh air, for me has been at times a struggle but now, well now I can breath on my own. And you guess what: it is finally safe to stay. Remember the feeling when all I want is to actually pack the bags and run away? You managed somehow to make yourself part of my dream of staying but also of the one that involves packing as well. For quite some time I thought that it is just a bubble, that it will blow in my face and that this alter-reality will slowly disappear. How did you manage to make it fine to dream about running away just as much as making me stay?

You are one of a kind and I love that I reserved my tickets in the first row to enjoy sequence by sequence the show of your full transformation: you amaze me and just confirm once more that my 6th sense was right once again. Out of all bets I took in this life, you are the winning one.

You put a song in my mind but more than that, you revived the song of my heart.

You are one of a kind. Thank God.

Een glimlach!


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